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Sometimes magic happens to us and sometimes we are the magic. At least that has been the lesson CL Steele has discovered about her own life. Born a city girl, one of three sisters to young parents she fought her way to a magical place called Manchester University where she earned a bachelor degree and changed her soul mate from a bachelor into a lifelong Prince Charming. He whisked her away to an unknown land where she worked building a business. After a rainy period of time filled with betrayal and death, she made a wish which her loving husband granted and she returned to her city home. For years CL taught her own sons and many others from five to eighteen to read. It was like a dream that sped by fast and left her exhausted when the dream ended. Sometimes, no matter how you do all the right things other lives collide with yours and no matter how hard you press the brake life changes in an instant. As if struck by a curse, CL Steele entered what she calls her dark ages. A time where she sat in a lovely green leather chair wondering what was next with the television droning on to stop the noise of the silence her thoughts became blank. A year later she began reading. Not normal reading but vivacious reading like a glutinous woman who hadn't eaten for days. It reminded her of her childhood days of her hero Madeline L'Engle and A Wrinkle In Time and even before to when she was placed in charge of bedtime for her younger sisters and would make up stories to put her seven and five-year-old sister to bed before eight-year-old self to dreamland as well. Then, one day when things seemed particularly lost she sat in her green chair unimportant to anyone a single thought came into her head as if downloaded from somewhere above her wavy-haired head. The idea, a premise, an outline and like sheets of rain in a monsoon a book was all at once dumped on her. It woke her up. She jumped up set up a desk in the corner of the living room of her too clean home and began writing. Twelve hours a day for four months her fingers flew across the black keys and her heart poured and angry and laughed and her lungs breathed again. It was magical. Well for her anyway. Her poor dog a black and white mixed King Charles Spaniel and poodle learned to lay on her feet waiting for movement in order to beg for food and yard time. Even her wonderful husband would occasionally ask "Are you okay? Did you eat or...clean today?" She would just dishonestly nod and continue brewing up pages and words. Fast forwarding a few years, CL Steele now has that novel PS Death at the editor has a second novel almost completed and has short stories in two anthologies, Once Upon a Wednesday has her story Our Place In Time and Chasing Magic has her story Which Shoes. CL Steele is honored to be part of her new writing family. If you like magic realism life mixed with a little magic and a wee bit of wisdom please go join me on Facebook or find my stories here as they are released. Or is you happen to be in Northern Indiana and hear someone calling for a spotted dog named Dizzy Dezi say hello. Perhaps come on in for some fresh brewed coffee and some talk of magic.


Doesn’t everyone want to fly? Yes, it can be scary, but we all want to know what it feels like to reach that great dream, right? Today, my feet leave good solid dirt and head upward, onward. New adventures await. I also know trouble is out there. The thing is I also know that I have overcome so many problems that problems have become my friend. I now call them opportunities or temporary obstacles to make sure I’m on the right jet stream. So hello. Hope we meet along the way on a regular basis. I’m going to need flying friends. We all do.