Books & Short Stories


Time is ticking on this new anthology. Once Upon a Wednesday edited by Cayce Berryman and Crystal MM Burton will be launched and ready for purchase on March 15h. I was honored to have a fictional literary commentary accepted by this group of talented writers and editors. The story is called Our Place In Time. I can’t wait for you to read it.

February was a good month for me. I was accepted into two anthologies. The one above and Chasing Magic. Kathrin Hutson and Laura Callender teamed up for this competitive anthology. I was fortunate to have my magical realism story Which Shoes placed in among these great stories about magic. Which Shoes is about two sisters, one who has lost her memory, and the other who must make a decision. A decision that could change the fate of many and disrupt the throne of power if the betrayal runs too deep. The editors and early readers have commented on the wonderful world building in this 5K word adventure. My favorite part is a dress shop called Enchanted Attire, a shoe store called Out of the Box and a magical red umbrella. It is scheduled for release in early May. Until then read more at and keep watching this page for updates.

Novel Update- PS- Death, a paradigm shift novel, is traveling to the developmental editor for revisions and editing. If all goes well we are looking at a release date near the end of 2017 hopefully in time for the holidays. My other two novels are still in the writing stage but I’m hoping to have one of them ready for beta readers by the summer reading season.

Short Stories Needing Homes –  I have several from 1500 words to a 10K Novella. If you would like to know more about these stories or have an interest in publishing or representing the stories please contact me at or on my Facebook page CL Steele, Author.

Finished (1500 words) – Artificial Intelligence Cave (6K ) – Which Knot (6K) – Legend of Dragonboy (3K) One and Only (10K) and the list continues.